She Dwelt Among The Untrodden Ways

The Tales and Adventures of Sarah Evelyn Heyde

Singleness… a gift?

The idea of singleness has been a consistant lingering thought in my mind for the past couple of years, especially in these last few months, because marriage is something that has always been a dream of mine. Especially as I... Continue Reading →


Look Up

Sometimes, we need a change of perspective. These past few days I have been a little overwhelmed by life. I have just begun a new semester at school, which means new classes, new teachers, and many new assignments. I also... Continue Reading →

At The Kitchen Sink

The other day something came up on my Pinterest news feed that caught my attention: "The real walk of shame is when you take all the mugs and plates you've been hoarding in your room down to the kitchen" Although... Continue Reading →


This summer I had the opportunity to travel to the Northwest Territories with a group from my church. I had been there the previous year and I had an unforgettable experience, so I decided to go again this year. The... Continue Reading →

Like-Minded Misfits (TREK pt. 2)

Week three at TREK has come and gone. This time round I was working in the kitchen, and although it can be exhausting, I had a fantastic week. I was working with my sister and two of my cousins, as... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Rest

Rest. What a lovely word. Recently returning from an exhausting week at camp, I have been trying to rest up for another week of camp starting tomorrow. I was looking forward to having a week off between my times at... Continue Reading →

He Will Provide (TREK pt. 1)

Summer camp... most of you are probably fairly familiar with the concept and have likely volunteered at one. Let me tell you, though, that chances are you have never experienced a camp like TREK. TREK stands for "To Reach Every... Continue Reading →

Sandy Shores

This past Monday-Wednesday my family and I went camping at Lesser Slave Lake in Alberta. We try to go camping as a family at least once every summer... I'd say we did it more often when we were younger and... Continue Reading →

Discipleship and Discipline

It is hard to believe that by this time next week I will be back in BC! This short time spent at home has really flown by. It has been wonderful to spend a good amount of time with my... Continue Reading →

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