(Overcome [oh-ver-kuhm] (v.) to prevail over (opposition, a debility, temptations, etc.); surmount: to overcome one’s weaknesses.)

Our rock climbing trip to Skaha Bluffs involved a lot of this. We did not just physically surmount the rock we were scaling, but for many of us, I am sure, we also mentally overcame a few fears that day. I did not do many climbs because for me it is scary to have my life dependent on some rope and a harness, but I prevailed and overcame, and I feel very accomplished that I did so.

We split up into two different groups for this trip, and each group got 1 1/2 days of climbing. We arrived in the afternoon, and since the first group had already been climbing that morning and the anchors were set up, we jumped straight into it. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We could not have asked for better weather!

 Since not all of us wanted to climb the whole time, we also had the chance to just relax, talk, and enjoy the beauty we were immersed in.

In the evening we returned to our campsite to cook dinner, then as a group we reflected on what themes had been emerging in our lives over the past eight months in Quest. It was an interesting exercise, because we were able to notice common themes that were coming up in each of our journeys. It was a great testimony to God’s faithfulness throughout the year.


The next day we headed out to a different spot and continued overcoming. This area of B.C. is so unique and beautiful… I enjoyed just marveling at it.



After lunch we moved on to another location. This one was in a rock gully, which looked super cool!


I really enjoyed this trip, especially because everyone got the chance to do what they liked, whether it was climbing, belaying, or just chilling. As it is with everything in Quest, there was just the healthy amount of pressure to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. Really, if you want to be challenged, I could not imagine a safer and more fitting environment to do so than in this community of people we call Quest.