This past Monday-Wednesday my family and I went camping at Lesser Slave Lake in Alberta. We try to go camping as a family at least once every summer… I’d say we did it more often when we were younger and there were less outside obligations between each of us, but when we get the chance we still always enjoy it. Camping is such a foundational part of my childhood and life I really cannot imagine a summer without it! Now that we have a tent trailer with a heater, although I sometimes miss the nostalgia of tents, we can extend our camping season into the late fall which is a plus. The trailer is also super cozy; we enjoy playing card games at the table in the evening after dusk, with hot chocolate and warm feet.

After stopping for lunch in Salve Lake (if you’re ever there, go to Burgers Plus. It’s owned by a friendly older couple and the homemade food is great!), we got to our campsite and set up. Since this is Alberta, mosquitoes are a real nuisance (when there’s no wind to keep them away), so mosquito nets are a must.


I enjoy our little trailer; it is the perfect size for the four of us, and with it’s two little gas cooking elements, tiny sink, table that turns into a bed, and canvas walls, it feels so quaint. It is times like these when I think it would be rather fun to be a gypsy.


Our camping trips are pretty chill and usually consist of card games, reading, and a lot of snacks, so as soon as we set up it was time for a little Phase 10.




And here’s my sister Madi just being a cutie.


Slave Lake actually has a very nice beach. The lake is so long that you cannot see the other side, so it feels like you are at the ocean, which is never a bad thing! While it was not especially hot out, the sand was fine and warm, which made it a perfect place to spend the day reading and poking about. There is something about walking along sandy shores, listening to the sounds of the water and embracing the warm breeze, that has way of invigorating the imagination. I could walk there for hours, discovering different treasures in the sand and daydreaming about endless things.


And no camping trip feels complete without a campfire!




New campfire hack we discovered: use Pillsbury Crescent dough as bannock dough! Stuff it with things like Nutella or marshmallows (my favourite is peanut butter, strawberry jam, and marshmallows) and enjoy! Just don’t burn it, like I tend to do 🙂

On our last evening we took a walk along the beach at sunset. There is a certain magic in twilight, and it is multiplied when experienced together with the water.


And here’s the fam 🙂


I love my family and having the opportunity to spend quality time with them in a serene location such as this. Camping, along with it’s great food, beautiful locations, wonderful company, and quaint atmosphere, is something I do not think I will ever tire of.